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Javier Reinoso

c/o Zahn and VItal Zurich Forchstrasse 34

8008 Zurich

+41 76 269 41 35


Monday to Saturday

10 a.m. - 7 p.m




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Certified health and wellness masseur


Javier Reinoso


I ch name is Javier Reinoso and I am one in Switzerland Certified health and wellness masseur. I offer in my massage studio classic wellness massages , foot reflexology massages and many other massages .


To make an appointment for a massage, you can call me or book conveniently online here .


I am happy to massage you at my place in  or , if you wish, at your home in the city of Zurich.


"There's nothing like a relaxing massage from Javier. I feel new every time I take an hour of relaxation.
You are amazing, Javier, thank you. "

Source: Review by Giacomo Casanova on Google



The classic wellness massage is used to relax body and mind. The back and whole body are massaged. Ambience and fragrances promote well-being.

The classic wellness massage relaxes the body and has a calming effect on the mind and soul. In contrast to a massage therapy prescribed by a doctor, essential oils, colors and relaxing music also increase the feeling of well-being. Wellness massages offer a remedy for private or professional stress.

In the event of pain or illness or after an accident, a doctor should be consulted beforehand and, if necessary, physiotherapy should be prescribed first. Wellness massages can also help.

More information about the Wellness Relax Massage>

This service is offered in my studio or on-site (Your Place).


Deep relaxation for the whole body

The bamboo massage is a wellness treatment that uses bamboo sticks to create a lasting feeling of relaxation. The regeneration and loosening of hardening are also positive qualities that are projected to the outside with such a treatment. That's why the traditional procedure was able to establish itself internationally and conquer the massage industry with its holistic effect. A success that began many years ago with the invention of the bamboo massage in Southeast Asian regions.

more information about the bamboo massage >

I offer the bamboo massage  at my studio. 


The Tailor Made Massage - the massage for extraordinary wishes

I have a great treasure trove of relaxing massage practices.

These include Shiatsu acupressure, trigger points / palpation , gemstone massage, aromatherapy, Venus shell massage, hot & cold stones, bamboo massage, various HE techniques, gay massages and much more

Since this meeting is tailored to your needs, it is imperative that a preliminary telephone call is made in advance! Additional costs will be charged according to expenditure.


The "Weekly" massage by subscription. for the weekly pampering program

(only bookable with monthly subscription)

The once or twice a week massage is used to relax body and mind. The back and whole body are massaged. Ambience and fragrances promote well-being.

If desired, a foot reflex zone massage can be carried out instead of a classic wellness relax massage. Please indicate this as a comment when you check out the appointment reservation.

Note: This service is only available in the form of a monthly subscription / price plan tariff.

Discover monthly subscription and save money>





Do you need a gift idea? Why not give a relaxing massage for free? Do you surprise your loved ones with a massage at home or maybe even at lunchtime in the office?

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