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Information about the bamboo massage

The bamboo massage is a wellness treatment that uses bamboo sticks to create a lasting feeling of relaxation. The regeneration and loosening of hardening are also positive qualities that are projected to the outside with such a treatment. This is why the traditional method has been able to establish itself internationally and conquer the massage industry with its holistic effect. A success that began many years ago with the invention of the bamboo massage in Southeast Asian regions.

Bamboo massage origins - ancient method with symbolism

A bamboo massage is one of the relaxation therapies and is considered a holistic procedure in which a deeply effective massage technique is carried out with the help of bamboo sticks. Its origin lies in Southeast Asia, but also in the South Pacific region, where the massage has a spiritual background. The practice was developed there many centuries ago to promote the vitality of body, mind and soul.

In addition, the bamboo is symbolic of peace, prosperity, fertility, new energy and long life. His depiction as the epitome of strength, eternal youth and grace is also widespread. In Japan, where it represents purity due to its green colour, as well as in Indonesia and throughout China, the bamboo massage has proven to be an application with exotic and profound added value.

Over the years, the methodology was then able to spread worldwide and even convince the Western massage industry of its effectiveness. As with every massage with spirituality, however, this aspect was overshadowed by the wellness effect when it was spread in international areas and is only a dominant part of the massage in the home countries.

Through continuous optimization, a profitable interplay of various massage techniques with energetic body work was created, which is intended to pamper the patient both physically and mentally. Especially in wellness hotels, SPA areas, in cures or in massage practices, the practice can now be found as an extraordinary treatment concept and delights a wide range of target groups with the unique process. It combines several advantages for patient and therapist.

Bamboo massage advantages - sustainability in a progressive presentation

Patients and masseurs benefit equally from a massage with bamboo sticks, because this technique offers everyone maximum efficiency. While the same refers to the depth effect and increased well-being in the potential clientele, the practicing therapist has ideal working conditions. The bamboo sticks are shaped to ensure improved power transmission during treatment. This supports the masseur with a joint-relieving technique, which indirectly also preserves his vitality.

Not to forget the low weight of the sticks. It facilitates the handling of the massage and allows the equipment to be easily transported to different locations. So it would be conceivable to use the practice not only in one's own treatment rooms. Use for mobile massage would also be an option, which expands the flexibility, competitiveness and range of services of a specialist practitioner. In connection with this, the bamboo massage has some things in common with the hot stone method and follows an individual principle.

The guiding principles of the bamboo massage – relaxation meets energy work

A bamboo massage is similar to the hot stone application, because the therapist does not work with his hands here either, but with additional equipment. What is achieved with the treatment with hot stones with the heated basalt stones, happens with the bamboo massage with the differently sized bamboo sticks. Due to their individual shape, they can treat each part of the body specifically.

There are two different variants, the classic massage and the hot bamboo application, in which the sticks are heated beforehand. The bamboo sticks store the temperatures and pass them on evenly to the organism. The massage then has an effect on the deeper tissue and creates a lasting relaxation of the musculoskeletal system. It is not uncommon for essential oils to be added, so that the aromas create an inner sense of well-being.

Due to its spirituality, the procedure also surrounds a great deal of mindfulness and puts the patients in an exotic atmosphere with many different sensory perceptions. This results in a profitable combination of energy work, classic massage and wellness moment, which can have a positive effect on the entire organism. The drain then stimulates blood circulation and ensures improved lymphatic activity, whereupon a drainage effect is created, which provides relief for patients with heavy legs or water retention.

Depending on the season, the thermal therapies also project their properties outwards, because the bamboo sticks have a cooling effect in summer and support an optimal body temperature in winter due to the warming effect. As a result, the bamboo massage can be used for numerous indicators.

Bamboo massage effect - complex system of vitality

A massage with bamboo sticks can be used preventively as a wellness method or helps the patient to gently treat existing disharmony. Rehabilitation can also be supported by the intensive practice, which is why almost everyone can use the technique.

In doing so, some of the priority objectives it pursues are:

  • the relaxation of local tension

  • the stimulation of blood flow

  • improved lymph flow

  • the relaxation of hardened connective tissue

  • the release of muscle blockages

  • the inner balance

  • the release of new energies

  • the stress relief

  • reduced pain reflexes

Thus, the bamboo massage addresses local, psychological and muscular imbalances in order to help the patient to feel more comfortable. You should feel a holistic recovery and emerge physically and mentally strengthened from the treatment.

Furthermore, the practice has a beauty effect because it smoothes the skin, increases its elasticity and provides rich care. An application for cosmetic reasons would therefore be just as advisable.

The practice should not be used during pregnancy, skin problems, heart disease or menstruation.


Bamboo massage process - four phases for relaxation

The bamboo massage follows a concept that consists of several sections. Overall, the treatment goes through four phases that build on each other and must flow into each other in order to achieve the effect of the method.

Before the start, however, there is a detailed anamnesis, in which the therapist explains the patient about the special features of the bamboo massage and its effects, while also taking into account the symptoms of the person concerned. This helps him to personalize the practice and prevent negative side effects.

In the first step, the specialist practitioner massages all areas of the body to be treated extensively and with gentle movements. Ideally, coconut oil is used to make the skin more supple and to carry out all movements rhythmically. The second phase then concentrates on a selective treatment of certain regions, whereby the pressure is also increased. Thus, the bamboo massage penetrates deep into the muscles and stimulates the entire tissue. Furthermore, the lymph flow is carefully activated.

All handles used to date are completed with the bamboo sticks. These replace the massage with the hands and, depending on the movement, glide over the corresponding part of the body. Instead of using all parts from hand to elbow and forearm with which the patient can be massaged holistically, the specialist practitioner only uses the sticks. Sometimes, however, he combines their use with the usual hand massage, using the wands on the hardened areas while the hands act on the surface of the muscle tissue.

Then the gentle stroking begins as the third sector of the technique. A special bamboo brush could be used here to achieve an additional massage effect. The musculature, the connective tissue and the skin are now vigorously kneaded and stimulated, so that a gentle end to the massage begins. That takes place with the fourth phase, in which the patient is allowed to relax in order to increase the effect.

The process is accompanied by spirituality and energetic teachings, so that the person concerned can return to everyday life with positive feelings, relaxed and full of vigour. How enduring this final moment of rest should be depends on the respective treatment and how strenuous it was for the patient. For a broader effect, it is also a good idea to replace the classic bamboo massage with the hot bamboo version mentioned above.

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